About this Collection

I am an expert in the restoration and preservation of vintage British cars and a seasoned photographer. My grandfather, father and mother, and her twin sister were all professional photographers. I took my first 35 mm photographs at age nine at the world famous Bridgehampton road races for sports cars. I studied art and design at Pratt Institute. My career has always centered on cars and cameras. In recent years, I have been devoted to digital photography. Everything and everyone is important. Windows and doors are fascinating, also the workings of machines, the psychedelic effect of color and form, the play of light on the sea and sky and the world of flowers, trees and wildlife. My photos started as a way of documenting my work restoring vintage British sports cars, then took on a life of their own. Some images expressed the idea of great beauty in everyday objects or the inner strength of working people and some evoke sounds or smells. I have begun to see things in a different light and tried to photograph them intently. I believe there is healing power in good design. If you can feel with your eyes and see with your heart, I know you will enjoy this collection immensely.

Self Portrait in Profile

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